Bergwerk Statement

The idea for a fashion project "DumpsterVoid" aka "Bergwerk", was born after I discovered
a dumpster outside a sewing factory, overflowing with oddly shaped fabric
pieces. I was struck by the sheer amount of unused fabric produced in the
process of cutting ordinary t-shirts.

I challenge myself to sew these scraps into new garments without re-cutting the found pieces. The new items are built up layer by layer through sophisticated stitching. A clarity in form and structure gives them a futuristic, elegant touch. The designs are functional, impulsive and ignore standards.

My work attitude is playful, although I use constriction as my inspiration. It is a powerful tool to come up with new designs.

I am drawn to items already existing. Not to emphasize a poetic memory held by these objects, but to present them "new". Right here in the present.

I find it satisfying to work within limits to overcome restraints.
It gives me a sense of constructive obedience.